Compact and manoeuvrable powered pallet truck

The CESAB P113 powered pallet truck is lightweight and compact. Weighing just 255kg including its battery and built on a compact chassis, this powered pallet truck is ideal for use in confined areas such as retail stores and on delivery vehicles.

Its high-power AC motor helps it transport loads of up to 1.3 tonnes efficiently and easily whilst maintaining noise levels low, making it suitable for use in noise sensitive environments and out of hours deliveries.

Eliminate manual pulling, pushing and lifting of loads and improve productivity. The CESAB P113 powered pallet truck is an ideal upgrade from a hand pallet truck.

The CESAB P113 offers a built-in charger for fast and easy charging, you just plug it into a power socket, done!

With the 208° lock to lock steering angle, manoeuvring is smooth and easy and ensure safe goods handling.

The PIN-code access allows individual parameters settings and adapts the truck to the user’s abilities or specific restrictions in working areas. It also protects against unauthorised use or the truck.

As the electric brake applies automatically, there is no risk of rolling backwards when working on slopes. The low-maintenance AC motors offer durability and strength as well as low energy consumption. When not in use, the standby mode cuts most energy consumers automatically to safe battery capacity.

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Model Code P113
Rated Capacity 1300 kg
Operator Type Pedestrian
Speed with/without load 4.5/5.5 km/h
Truck Length excl. Forks (L2) 420 mm
Chassis Width (b1) 700 mm
Battery Voltage/Nominal Capacity K5 2x 12V / 63 Ah (maintenance free)
Charger Built-in